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Egypt on Anur Khufos, part 13
 Ilais had been tied up in her own bandages, her arms and legs twisted together and held by two very muscular soldiers, a Transylian named Nimdok, and the Loboan who stepped on her, called Lukaro. Undyyne unlocked her seat’s locking clamp and turned it around, interrogating their captive with a glowing spear aimed at her head. She reactivated the targeting system in her bionic eye, hooked up to her suit’s subsystems for better accuracy.
 “So tell us, warrior, why did you decide to sneak onto our ship? Our base’s security could’ve caught you!”
 “I...have the wrong ship,” Ilais protested. “I was looking for that of your leader’s.|
 “Did you do this by yourself, or did someone order you to?”
 “I would rather die than answer that question!” The dark-headed warrior shrieked.
 Nimdok charged his electrical coils, one hand prepared to send the current onto Ilais’
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K'nehtis' symbol by Agent-G245 K'nehtis' symbol :iconagent-g245:Agent-G245 2 0
Egypt on Anur Khufos, part 12
  Rehk’Set watched his viewscreen with glee as the sandstorm blew over Mos Isis and everything around it. His personal mage, Skaraab, had called upon the spirit of the lion goddess Sekhmet to conduct this powerful phenomenon, and had kept it in motion for the next twenty minutes. This would have to force out any resistance, and would compel them to finally bow to him. Or so the pharaoh hoped.
 As time went on, and the storm cleared, nothing happened. Even with checking the various cameras inside the city, apart from leftover sand in the streets and buildings, everything seemed normal. This was not what he wanted to see.
 Now more than ever, he was counting on Ilais, and felt confident that nothing could break through his troops or the barrier. He had had his scientists bring this device here and left it under his own personal protection in case of an actual break-in.
 One way or another, the people would eventually surrender.
 When Ben and Max
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Egypt on Anur Khufos, part 11
Just before Ben’s training began, Gwen happened to meet Worlock, a Thep Khufan whose arrangement of black bandages almost resembled a beard in design, strangely enough. His posture was not hunched, but upright, almost slightly intimidating. He almost reminded her of an old man from an anime who would train the main character in martial arts.
 “Greetings, Gwen Tennyson,” he bowed to the girl. “I hear you are already versed in magic, yes?”
 As if timed, a Loboan servant in a gray robe appeared, holding Gwen’s spellbook on a tray. “Your equipment, mistress?” He asked.
 “Thank you,” Gwen smiled as she accepted the book. Turning to Worlock, she explained, “I use this to control magic, sir.” Checking the pages, Gwen figured he might not be able to read the text inside like she could. “Um, it works using spells in a certain language. I’m not sure if you know it.”
 “The language
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Egypt on Anur Khufos, part 10
 Far away at the palace, in a private room, a Transylian sat at a table next to the throne, smaller than the one in the grand hall, with a set of electrodes strapped to her forehead. Currently moving her hands over a flat oblong slab of dark plastic, she used this device to control a hovering Horus drone, the ‘trodes sending her the panoramic visual feed. In this case, she used it to observe Mos Isis from a half-mile away, with its eye-like camera inside the ever-familiar Wadjet design. This video signal was relayed to a large screen that the pharaoh sat in front of, watching with the intent of a hunter.
 Next to the pharaoh’s chair on a side table was a small quantum transceiver, an advanced alien version of a radio. It was on, but the channel was silent. Rehk’Set had been listening for hours, hoping for someone to believe his ultimatum and bring the humans here.
 The drone hovered silently, as vigilant as its likeness in the god itself, scanning the c
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Egypt on Anur Khufos, part 9
 At around 5:30 AM, Ben’s coffin opened by itself, bright lights underneath the overhead catwalk shining in his face as a wake-up call. The computer voice pinged on the intercom, “Good morning. Today is the Day of the Moon, eighteenth day of the Lunar Month. The time is oh-five-thirty standard hours. Please report to the mess hall for your rations and duty rosters. Have a pleasant day.”
 One by one, the resistance and Tennysons rose from their caskets, as strangely morbid as it looked to the humans. As the kids joined their grandfather, he stretched his old arms, then asked, “Morning, grandkids. Have a nice sleep?”
 “Yeah, it was great,” Gwen confirmed while standing.
 Ben took a bit more time standing up, groaning from feeling groggy, “Ugh, I had this horrible dream.”
 “What happened?” Max asked, out of curiosity as they joined the people in line for the mess hall.
 Ben dodged it, the memor
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Egypt on Anur Khufos, part 8
 Ben’s group and the guardsmen were joined in the hallway by dozens of Thep Khufans and assorted aliens, most of them from this planetary system. Questions still amassed in the Tennysons’ minds over this and how this planet worked as a whole; and they were rather disappointed that no one had stopped to let them ask. Gwen figured she’d ask one of them personally after dinner.
 When they arrived in the mess hall, only one table was free for the group of eight. On it, rather than being forced to wait in line with trays, several covered platters had been set for whoever would sit there, complete with elegant-looking, gold-colored tablecloths.
 Raht reminded him, “We only have our food served this way for special occasions, such as this.”
 “Glad this is one of them,” Marnor smiled as he sat down.
 When the Tennysons lifted the covers on their plates, they were startled to see how foreign this food appeared, in varying shades
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Egypt on Anur Khufos, Part 7
 Back at the palace, Rehk’Set received new information from his messenger.
 “My lord, I’m afraid that the scribe and his human companions are in Mos Isis. All three speeders were shot down shortly before theirs was. Someone in the city fired on us, and one of the craft was sabotaged by a Galvanic Mechomorph during the attack.”
 The pharaoh banged his left fist on the throne, howling, “Who could possibly have that much firepower against MY warriors?! We are not dealing with soldiers, but a scribe and three lowly human life forms!”
 “I beg to differ, my lord,” another Thep Khufan added.
 “Who dares talk back to me?!” Rehk’Set snarled.
 “I have received data that one of these humans bears the Omnitrix,” the robed servant explained. Holding out a thick metal platter, a hologram appeared showing video footage filmed from what looked like a body cam from one of the temple guards. It pa
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Egypt on Anur Khufos, part 6
 Mos Isis, as it turned out, was not the kind of Egyptian city they expected. Ben assumed it’d be one of those bustling bazaars he sometimes saw in movies, even though those were more accurately in the Middle East. Instead, the various buildings still shared the heavily geometric style common to old Egyptian buildings, but incredibly smooth, dark and intricate, as if forged by modern technology. Black obelisks lined the walkways. Thep Khufans and other alien beings strutted about their business on foot; Max noticed a spaceship taking off in the background. Overall, this entire area looked just as advanced as the temple; Yet it again made him wonder which came first: Human Egyptians or Thep Khufans?
 Elastamun looked at his amulet again, and saw that the light was concentrated towards the top, down an avenue cutting through the middle of the city.
 The sentry, wearing a black cloth headdress reminiscent of the way Egyptian women cut their hair, turned to the sc
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Egypt on Anur Khufos, part 5
  They arrived at a courtyard where a large vehicle had been parked. Beyond a large encircling wall, they could see pyramids and a large palace in the distance. Elastamun concentrated on opening the vehicle’s bubble-shaped windscreen, finding a switch just below the bottom.
 He climbed into the cabin as the glass slid back, beckoning, “You’d best get in before more troops arrive. I have a feeling they know we’re here now.”
 The Tennysons climbed in without question, finding there to be just enough seats for all of them.
 “Do you know even how to operate this thing?” Gwen asked him.
 “It has been a long time, but I know most of this from human-made vehicles,” He muttered while looking over the controls.
 He started with a switch on the dash that closed the canopy, followed by a button that powered it on, then he pulled back on a cobra-shaped joystick between the front two seats like in a helicopter.
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Egypt on Anur Khufos, part 4
 Standing 5 feet from the crater with the cloaking device active on his shoulder, Elas weighed his next actions carefully. He was about to meet three humans face to face, without his disguise; humans that probably thought this whole area was abandoned right now. No one had known about his true identity as a Thep Khufan, and the protocol of his original research mission specifically said to stay undercover when around humans.
 But this time was different. Humanity had just narrowly dodged the apocalypse, and no one besides those three was around for a hundred miles or so. Anything could happen out here. Then again, he needed this person because he had the Omnitrix. Whatever power that device had, his master had made it seem like Ben had an entire army at his disposal, which in a sense was true. The Thep Khufans were dying, the resistance was outnumbered, and his people needed reinforcements now. Even so, he had to remember that just because this human had it didn’t mean
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Egypt on Anur Khufos, part 3
 Once on the other side, Elastamun made a beeline for his bike, locked his lair tight, and opened the entry ramp, sand spilling down into the chamber as it lowered. Specially designed filter grates and fans sucked that sand out of the chamber, keeping it clean of dust.
 When Elastamun drove up the ramp out of the chamber, however, a sight more terrifying than the transformation he saw on Anur Khufos chilled him to the bone. He sat still, the bike’s vibration letting him know he was still in reality. Elastamun was fixed on the sky, for something up there feverishly drew his attention.
 For a moment, the sky was its typical blue, but far away, overhead, he saw a bright beam of purple light that turned into a wave, a wave of light swirling with sinister, undulating patterns. As it swept across the sky, a shadow followed along the ground in its wake. Everywhere around him, darkness was falling. Blocked out because of this evil blanket of light.
 He could remember
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Egypt on Anur Khufos, part 2
 Then Elastamun stood up and strode toward his sarcophagus for a hard day’s rest, stopping for a moment to internally smirk over the tradition Egyptians always did with their dead. They didn’t just preserve their dead bodies, but they filled their tombs with supplies in the hopes that everything would copy over to their ‘afterlife’. A pleasing thought to be sure, but Elastamun figured it rather dangerous to stockpile that many valuable items for one person, hence the countless robberies and ‘curses’ over the centuries.
 As Elastamun prepared to open his coffin, the whole chamber suddenly glowed with a purple light, emanating from the viewer by the altar. He rushed towards the device and pressed a button to confirm contact, and the crystal viewer flared to life, showing the face of another Thep Khufan, this one wearing purple ceremonial robes and bearing a falcon-shaped golden headdress. He began, speaking in native Thep Khufan language,
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Egypt on Anur Khufos, part 1
Giza, Egypt. Late afternoon, sometime during the Tennysons’ summer vacation...
 In the urban heart of Giza, a man named Elias Amsude strolled through the crowded streets, en route to the desert. Having worked a journalist for a number of years, saving an impressive amount of money from his job and several smaller ones before, today he was leaving with his paycheck, feeling his job would not be necessary much longer, but not before stopping at the market on the way out. Having gained a hobby in collecting antique artifacts, and practicing the Arghul flute over the past several months.
 As such, Elias entered the curio store to meet his good friend Ahmed.
 They greeted each other in native Arabic, “Elias! Welcome, how’re things going on this hot day?”
 “I just finished work today, but other than that, not much else. What do you have in stock today?”
 “I’m glad you asked, friend,” Ahmed smiled as he began to po
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Labyrinth Map v2 by Agent-G245 Labyrinth Map v2 :iconagent-g245:Agent-G245 1 0 Prototype Age-to-Age communicator by Agent-G245 Prototype Age-to-Age communicator :iconagent-g245:Agent-G245 3 0


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You've probably noticed the massive influx of story portions these past few days.

That's because this simple fanfic has to be one of the oldest stories I've ever had, crammed at the bottom of my to-do list for probably at least 10 years. It was a lot different back then, barely even resembled a Ben 10 episode. There were even ridiculous mentions of smoking, tent markets, and Pokemon - which evolved (no pun intended) into the character "Cobriius", by the way. The real problem I ran into was trying to create the world after the first few parts, the ones on Earth. The story just dead-ended at the transition point and hung until this very year.

That was what gave me the drive to finish this: I wanted to find a way to create something that no one at Man of Action ever showed on any of the different Ben 10 episodes, let alone series, at least not as a central focus: A full-blown culture for one specific planet. "Rad Monster Party" came pretty damn close, but only scratched the surface. But the question was, what kind of culture? It had to be Egyptian, hence their resemblance. But what would the details be?

Then I started watching "Mummies Alive". The colorful thematic design the characters in that show used with their costumes and improvised vehicles was the true kicker that helped me finally write it all. With just some sci-fi tweaks and a twist to get the plot running, on top of exploring the idea of how this transformation aspect of the whole show could be used for other purposes besides the Omnitrix, everything fell into place.

I'm very, very happy with how this little tiny project has come out so strong and fast in under a week, especially with the positive feedback I've been recieving episode by episode. And there's still more of it to come!

You would not believe how long it's been since I last wrote something, and I'm a little ashamed at myself for that. My game project is fun and all, but I've had a lot of mental organization problems that've made me have to step back and take a breather. Something this simple is what I need to get back on track.

And no, I haven't forgotten about Lora Jett either. In fact, there's a whole new episode ready to be uploaded ahead of Comic Book Chris. (I feel stupid for that story having been unfinished for two years.)

One way or another, things are certainly looking up.

Eat your goddamn heart out, Christina Miller!
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I'm preparing to do some character drawings for Egypt on Anur Khufos, and I noticed: Khuphulu is pretty much an evil version of Rath fom Mummies Alive, clothes-wise. Change the color scheme, and the similarity is fairly close. Least I have a lead on what to draw now.Mummy Comparison 01 by Agent-G245
I had some fun writing my newest chapter. 
What would it be like to have Undyne as your combat trainer? This chapter conveys one possible outcome.
I have a Ben 10 fanfiction that's been sitting in my bucket list for years. but I finally have an outline. Among other things, it will feature four Thep Khufans derived in personality and costumes from the 4 heroic mummies of Mummies Alive!.
I'm surprised no one's tried to put the two shows together.
My family and I have been sick with the flu all week - we hear there's an epidemic where we live.
I was half-dreaming about unintentionally carrying that disease into the world of Undertale, and I bet the people there would more likely catch it than know how to treat it.
Somebody at work talked me into looking up a new Netflix series based on an old toy from the 80's, "Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters". Apparently it's centered on a group of heroes that all have malleable powers in different variations, with the main one as the typical Plastic-Man type; and Scott Menville voices that character.
Welp, good research material for my equivalent storyline, at any rate. And hey, this is the first time I've ever seen a TV show that puts elastic powers as the main focus, rather than just a background character (like Elongated Man in JLU) or mixed in with a team of core heroes (Fantastic Four, Incredibles, etc.). Gotta give this one props.
But I still have yet to see a second example (in animation form) of an elastic girl that looks and acts beautiful while crime-fighting, like Lora Lastic.

What am I drawing wrong? 

6 deviants said Nothing's wrong, keep doing what you're doing!
2 deviants said You draw your characters weirdly. (How?)
2 deviants said You draw your characters out of proportion (How?)
No deviants said Your characters' faces are off. (How?)


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Greg Marshall
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United States
I'm a community college student with Aspberger's syndrome. Not that it's a problem.

It's a funny story about what my goals used to be: Before, I unrealistically believed that I'd receive fame and fortune in an instant with no planning whatsoever, and being able to run an international tech corporation called GMXT Industries, otherwise known as Greg Marshall's Xcellent Technologies. Finally, years later, my dad helped me change that idea and thus my current creative works began.

Aside from typing stories, I also draw and color pictures to follow alongside them. I excel in perspective and intricate (sometimes too intricate) detail on machines and backgrounds. Painting is a bit harder for me, but doing outlines on the canvas to start it off helps. Recently, I've even done videos on YouTube, though mainly I do that as a means to demonstrate my knack for identifying parallels in most everything, Copyright or no Copyright.

My hobbies mainly center around the computer, which is the source of all this stuff, of course. I use pen and paper to fill in notebooks for the stories, and copy paper for the drawings.

The Autism has led to a long list of obsessions from a lot of computer games and tv shows. Interestingly, they all involved some form of technology. Safecracker because I liked to study the puzzles, Star Wars because I started liking robots, OBSIDIAN because of the machinery, and so on and so on.

I look forward to using these creative skills for some line of work in the near future.



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