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D'ni mine, elevator by Agent-G245 D'ni mine, elevator :iconagent-g245:Agent-G245 0 0 D'ni mine, facing entrance by Agent-G245 D'ni mine, facing entrance :iconagent-g245:Agent-G245 1 0 D'ni mine, wideangle view by Agent-G245 D'ni mine, wideangle view :iconagent-g245:Agent-G245 1 0 D'ni museum entry node by Agent-G245 D'ni museum entry node :iconagent-g245:Agent-G245 1 0 Welcome Sign by Agent-G245 Welcome Sign :iconagent-g245:Agent-G245 0 0 D'ni exhibit to The Art by Agent-G245 D'ni exhibit to The Art :iconagent-g245:Agent-G245 1 0
Nature Lost: Part 6
 Helen led them out of the mansion through a back door, to the enormous tree that stood behind it.
 Lora commented, “You know, Dr. Johnson, with a little money you and your friend could build a whole public park with these new plants and insects! Maybe even an arboretum.”
 Alan reminded her, “Litter rules would have to be pretty darn tight for that to work, though.”
 Helen stated, “Kara suggested that once, we just haven’t figured out where to set one up.”
 Lora sighed, “Technology has changed in the past decade, so that’d be a lot easier to do. But right now we’re still on a mission.”
 Mindy stared at the huge tree, and asked, “What kind of tree is that?”
 “It’, this is where Kara hones her powers. But wait till you see the inside of it!”
 The tree they entered was not a solid one like the others in the forest, but a hollow canopy made of spiral
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Nature Lost: Part 5
 It took about a half mile of running, but at the end, they made it to those buildings, which turned out to be an old mansion with some outbuildings around it. The place seemed both derelict, but also brimming with life on all sides. Rather than the usual vines making something decay, leaves and flowers coated the building in an almost sentimental fashion. But what took away the team’s breath was the sight of an enormous tree, larger than the others, towering so high even the second story of the house could only reach a third of its height.
 Seeing that the house looked important, Alan deduced that they should start there. The door was unlocked, and well-oiled. Inside were many rooms, with furnishings that appeared to date between the late 80’s and early 90’s. In the center was a lavish indoor garden with a glass roof, only lightly damaged to lose two panels in its ceiling. Overall, it seemed that the two biologists had taken their time to keep this isolated
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Nature Lost: Part 4
 An hour and a half later, the rental car purred up to the edge of the forest. As the detective and the Jetts climbed out, the golden setting sun silhouetted the mountain in an almost threatening image. The foliage on the edge of this forest and inward grew so tall and wide it felt like something out of an old Disney movie.
 “I don’t like the look of this, guys,” Lora warned.
 “Should...should we turn back, M-Mom?” Mindy stammered in fear.
 Lora turned to her child, and tried to assure her, “It’s okay, it’s probably just the scientists.”
 Alan added, also informing Detective Wilson, “I get the feeling they’ve scared off a lot of intruders up to now with their powers, but they don’t know we’re here.”
 “Makes sense,” the cop nodded while making sure his video camera was still out and rolling.
 Alan turned to his sister and stated, “We’ll have to g
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Nature Lost: Part 3
 When she closed her eyes, her dream repeated.
 Lora Lastic appeared again, this time sitting in a chair formed from one of her bubblegum legs.
 “I knew you’d come back, civilian me,” she smirked.
 Lora Jett felt threatened after last time, and demanded, “Why are you doing this all of a sudden?”
 “What, do you think I’m some split personality come alive inside your head?” she laughed. “Nah, don’t stress yourself. I’m just a part of your emotions.”
 “So why only now are you speaking to me?”
 The stretchy siren sighed, then laughed – a confident, sultry laugh, “Haven’t you figured it out yet? Don’t you have a new mission ahead of us?”
 “Yeah? What’s that have to do with this?”
 She teased, “Sorry, but you’ll have to wait until next time! It’d kill the suspense!” She blew one of her rubber k
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The Golden Guard by Agent-G245 The Golden Guard :iconagent-g245:Agent-G245 6 11
Character Profiles
Known Royalty
Elastamun: Scribe assigned to Earth for 15 years, operating in Giza, Egypt to study human behavior and biology for the pharaoh. Reasons classified until end of mission. Deep interest in human history thanks to friendship with antique dealer Ahmed Salim.
Trivia: Has a hobby of playing the Arghul flute. Occasionally likes to charm snakes.Valensen: Vizier to the throne. Good relation to pharaoh Rho’Tep and friendly among peers. Gained status for excellent diplomacy skills when aiding the pharaoh in settling a dispute between two disagreeing city-states.
Patron god: Thoth, though status adds Horus motif.Pharaoh Rho’Tep: Last known pharaoh before Rehk’Set. Ruled between roughly 1932 and 1987 AD. Managed to wrest control of the throne from Zs’Skayr’s forces during final years of Ectonurite conquest, and oversaw Transylian tech integration. Respected by many for his benevolent, caring way of ruling. Golden Guard
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The Daily Scoop: April Fools Issue by Agent-G245 The Daily Scoop: April Fools Issue :iconagent-g245:Agent-G245 1 3
Nature Lost: Part 2
 Saturday morning
 “Alan,” Lora asked her brother at his apartment, “I know you hate me bringing this up, but this question’s been bugging me, and probably Mom, too: How did so many of those heroes, that OUR father imprisoned, adjust to modern life just like that, so that now we’re like best buds to them? I don’t get it.”
 “I know, it kind of went over my head, too,” Alan agreed, “We were all caught up in that fiasco in North Dakota.”
 “And here I’m the one who took 5 years off from heroism, and almost nothing changed while I was off the grid, not to mention having never even known you existed until Agent Dawes told me.”
 “Yeah, it’s weird; My guess is that Xeno gave those people some form of rehab, and this missing duo might have missed it, but anyway, these other peoples’ lives are none of our business, not now. Let’s just give this the benefit of the d
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Nature Lost: Part 1
Blackness. A room with no visible walls or ceiling. Lora could feel a floor beneath her, but couldn’t tell what it was made of.
 Then the alluring, sensuous voice of a woman beckoned, “Hey, come a little closer.”
 “Who’s there?”
 “Don’t you know?”
 Suddenly a light flashed to life, illuminating the person who just asked that question; as none other than Lora Lastic. Lorraine Jett had been speaking to her alter ego.
 “Wait...why are you here? Aren’t you...?”
 “You? Yeah, I am. But I just wanna talk to you for a bit.”
 “What for?”
 Lora Lastic stepped a little closer, leaning back and stretching her arms in a way that Jessica Rabbit usually did when performing at the Ink and Paint club. “Firstly, let me ask you a question: What do you feel like...when you’re me, out there in the field?”
 Lorraine stopped to think for a moment, then
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Comic Book Chris: Part 9
 But the plot twisted when a loud bang echoed from above the ceiling of the set, and through it crashed none other than the psychotic Nick Bailey!
 “Ah-Ha! Christopher Mann, in the flesh!” He laughed.
 Everyone in the room was shocked, knowing that this wasn’t supposed to happen. The director stopped the cameras at the last second, and Bill ordered guards to help get Chris away from that wanted criminal as fast as possible. Lora, Alan, and now Mindy and Sarah joined as well.
 “What do you want with me?!” The boy demanded, horrified at seeing the various gashes and bruises from his prison escape.
 “To eliminate those ‘superheroes’ from this city, that’s what! And you’re one of them now!” Nick snarled.
 “Get! Away! From! The boy!” Alan yelled as he pushed open the doors.
 "Make me!" Nick childishly retorted as he brandished his very real assault rifle. Rather than holding back
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Wintermute by scatyricon Wintermute :iconscatyricon:scatyricon 47 19 * SAVE ASRIEL DREEMURR by Hieislittlekitsune * SAVE ASRIEL DREEMURR :iconhieislittlekitsune:Hieislittlekitsune 94 2 Splash Woman by Fenril-Huayra Splash Woman :iconfenril-huayra:Fenril-Huayra 837 186 World's Best Mother by Iyzeekiil World's Best Mother :iconiyzeekiil:Iyzeekiil 76 6 Chara vs Gaster by FoxCatsRats1996 Chara vs Gaster :iconfoxcatsrats1996:FoxCatsRats1996 11 0 Team Work by ghostlyCavalier Team Work :iconghostlycavalier:ghostlyCavalier 78 6 Alphy X Undyne - boops by Thenameissasoti Alphy X Undyne - boops :iconthenameissasoti:Thenameissasoti 55 7 Mettaton and Alphys Cosplay with Justice by ShakeablePanda Mettaton and Alphys Cosplay with Justice :iconshakeablepanda:ShakeablePanda 25 2 Muffet Having Tea with Perseverance by ShakeablePanda Muffet Having Tea with Perseverance :iconshakeablepanda:ShakeablePanda 22 4 Papyrus with Integrity by ShakeablePanda Papyrus with Integrity :iconshakeablepanda:ShakeablePanda 23 4 Undyne Cooking with Kindness by ShakeablePanda Undyne Cooking with Kindness :iconshakeablepanda:ShakeablePanda 28 14 [UT x TF2] I WILL NOT TOLERATE SCREAMING by Trandafilov [UT x TF2] I WILL NOT TOLERATE SCREAMING :icontrandafilov:Trandafilov 253 21 $ Asuna Slime Rush by DB-Palette $ Asuna Slime Rush :icondb-palette:DB-Palette 81 23 Nobody Gonna Take My Car by M-A-C-D Nobody Gonna Take My Car :iconm-a-c-d:M-A-C-D 61 20 Garnet and Sans by FoxCatsRats1996 Garnet and Sans :iconfoxcatsrats1996:FoxCatsRats1996 66 37 Stronger Than You by SSBFreak Stronger Than You :iconssbfreak:SSBFreak 6 2



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I've been finally getting into Steven Universe recently - though it required a heavy dose of skipping several episodes of filler in Season 1. And what do you know? I'm actually like parts of it!

I once complained that Adventure Time has dozens of interesting concepts, but 80% of the time, the show did nothing with them, and now there's no hope for that thanks to Vishnu and company. But my stepsister said that SU actually does use its ideas, and she was right.

It's kind of weird when you avoid spoilers but see fanart of an existing character, before finding the part in the source material where it comes from, only to get super-excited for when it actually appears:
  • that's how I felt when I saw the famous Golden Condor aircraft from "Mysterious Cities of Gold",
  • or witnessing Mettaton EX's debut during Jacksepticeye's playthrough. 
  • Most recently I had this same rush of excitement/geekery upon seeing Lapis Lazuli and Peridot, and currently the former is my favorite character thus far. And only in the first season!
Hopefully some new works can come from this!
  • Watching: Brave Exkaizer
  • Eating: an orange
  • Drinking: water


It's nice when something you're interested in can be seen in multiple media. Even though I'm not into console games, I still find the Mega Man series interesting. Lo and behold, there's an extensive comic series to read through on
I actually skipped through a number of issues just to see one that debuts Splash Woman, and this kind of jumping around takes me back to the times when I picked paper comics out of a box, where you get what you find and nothing else.
Can someone explain to me why DA's search is automatically set to "Popular 24 hours" instead of "All time"? It's getting real annoying and makes me think that there's less art about something than there actually is.
I think Deadpool 2 influenced some of my dreams last night. Results were a bit graphic, but one of them, hilariously, involved using Mettaton EX's legs as prosthetic legs when the originals were cut off.
[Portal 2 + BaTIM]
"Welcome, gentlemen to the Aperture Science Animation Studio! Writers, Musicians, Artists, you're here because we want the best, and you are it! So, who's ready to make some dreams? Now, you've already met one another on the train ride over, so let me introduce myself: I'm Cave Johnson, I own the place."
Anyone else get this cringey feeling when you're researching a guilty pleasure for your project?
Usually for me that falls under kids' shows/PC games.
I've got a lot to work through if I want to make a standalone Candy Land fanfiction, and probably a lot of liberties to take as well.


Agent-G245's Profile Picture
Greg Marshall
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I'm a devoted artist with Asperger's who balances between hobbies and work

It's a funny story about what my goals used to be: Before, I unrealistically believed that I'd receive fame and fortune in an instant with no planning whatsoever, and being able to run an international tech corporation called GMXT Industries, otherwise known as Greg Marshall's Xcellent Technologies. Finally, years later, my dad helped me change that idea and thus my current creative works began.

Aside from typing stories, I also draw and color pictures to follow alongside them. I excel in perspective and intricate (sometimes too intricate) detail on machines and backgrounds. Painting is a bit harder for me, but doing outlines on the canvas to start it off helps. Recently, I've even done videos on YouTube, though mainly I do that as a means to demonstrate my knack for identifying parallels in most everything, Copyright or no Copyright.

My hobbies mainly center around the computer, which is the source of all this stuff, of course. I draw my lineart on paper, then digitally color it in Photoshop CS5.

The Autism has led to a long list of obsessions from a lot of computer games and tv shows. Interestingly, they all involved some form of technology. Safecracker because I liked to study the puzzles, Star Wars because I started liking robots, OBSIDIAN because of the machinery, and so on and so on.

My main output for these skills has been for the development of my very own indie adventure game, called "Sanctuary", which you can follow at my dev blog below.

What am I drawing wrong? 

6 deviants said Nothing's wrong, keep doing what you're doing!
2 deviants said You draw your characters weirdly. (How?)
2 deviants said You draw your characters out of proportion (How?)
No deviants said Your characters' faces are off. (How?)



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