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Lora Jett, Age 31, was initially a blond-haired cashier at a local candy store, selling pounds of candy to every group of children that arrived. She felt happy pleasing kids, as well as – of course – earning profits. Her income was quite well, at $750 a month, surprisingly. And yet, Lora did feel a bit jealous during her sales: Candy was one of her best after-school snacks, especially bubble gum, but she was never allowed at least one sample for so much as tasting.

One day, she was more baffled than ever: A large package had arrived at Lora's apartment porch, addressed to her, from a place called "Draemona" that she had never heard of. Forgetting that anomaly, Lora brought the oddly light box into her living room, sliced the tape open, and was surprised as to what was inside. Two things were there: A letter with odd English handwriting on it, and a bright red rubber cat-suit that reached from neck to toe.

Spreading the latter out on the coffee table, Lora studied the costume, and noted that the leotard-like chest section resembled a large violet heart; the arm coverings were bright red with purple gloves, separating at the neck to meet the heart's top; and the leggings colored hot pink with maroon boots. She couldn't tell exactly how, but Lora swore that the pink "pants" faintly smelled something like a mix between latex and bubble gum, smooth shines and all.

"Strange. Why would someone send me this? And what on Earth is 'Draemona'?" Lora asked herself, puzzled.

Then she remembered the letter had not yet been read, so it perhaps may have contained an answer, more or less, to this situation. Opening it, she read the note silently,

"Dear Lora Jett,

You may find this package strange, or useless to you, but let me tell you this: It's more important than you think. On our world, there is a horrifyingly evil being which is rampaging our landscape. He is looking for organic beings to consume, and occasionally transform. Strange as it may seem to you, that being bears the body of a snake, and the head and limbs of a man, but with skin of rubber as well. That's why I created this costume for you. It too has elastic properties, which can even be applied to your own body, once you put it on. If you're wondering how to get to our world, I have also hidden a small teleportation device in this box that will get you there – and back as well. Please help us, there isn't much time before that thing consumes us as well.

I will be waiting for you,
--Iris II"

"Hmm, interesting story. Well, I did enjoy reading about superheroes when I was a kid," She paused, thought about her past memories, and continued, "It's a pity Madame Rouge had to be evil – but more so that she died. And if what that letter says is true, I could take that good role instead! Yeah, I'll do it!"

Pulling herself together from the sudden excitement, she reached down for the costume, and first tried to figure out how to get it open. Lora noted two red ovals on either side of the pelvis that reached to connect to the bright red back of the rest of the suit, and saw that they could open up, showing that the pink leggings were actually longer than they looked from the outside. They were tucked behind the purple-colored heart – which thankfully didn't reach all the way down the groin, narrow as its bottom tip was.

Removing the bottom piece from its cavity, Lora took off her jeans and tennis shoes, and slipped the hot pink latex pants over her underwear. They fit quite comfortably, even the toe parts which were connected seemed like actual rubber shoes to her. The whole piece felt awfully tight against her skin, but the discomfort was immediately forgotten when Lora noticed how it squeaked when she bent her knees.

Then came the moment to put on the upper part. Being very careful not to push against her sensitive breasts, Lora slipped on the upper piece, catching a strong whiff of pool toy-like rubber as her head moved for the neck part. By the time her hands were inside the glove parts of the outfit, Lora looked at her reflection in the bathroom mirror, and found herself looking quite glamorous – to her standards, at least. She came back to the living room, and noticed one part she nearly forgot: A bright red plastic, figure-8 mask with curves on either side that wrapped around the wearer's earlobes like a headset. It was a bit difficult becoming used to that item due to the stiffness she felt while wearing it, but she could see clearly, and the mask seemed to conform well to her face.

Finally, fumbling through the bubble wrap at the bottom of the box, she picked up a small, cylinder-shaped device with a large red button on top. A small label glued to its metallic surface read: "Mini-teleporter – built by Dr. Emily Emerald."

Breathing deeply, Lora pushed the button with her right thumb, and felt herself rushing quickly through a black void, speeding to a white "sphere" of sorts, causing her eyes to shut momentarily. When she opened them again, Lora found herself lying face-up on the ground, staring at an odd yellow sky. Faintly through the dense clouds, she could see part of a cluster of strange, jellyfish-like hot-air balloons drifting to the East.

Picking herself up, Lora appeared to be still in one piece, and was still holding that teleporter device. Seeing that the suit had no pockets, skin-tight as it was, she simply remained clutching it, and tried to figure out where it was that "Iris II" wanted Lora to go to, knowing that she was on a different planet entirely. Then she looked forward, noticing a high green stone wall not far off from her position.

While Lora quickly walked there, she felt an odd tingling sensation in her legs and stomach. She couldn't tell what was going on, but then she remembered the note again: The suit had elastic abilities which could be applied to the wearer's body when being worn. Lora tried flexing her torso from side to side, and not only did she hear a squeaking reaction, she also noticed it stretched some ways while swiveling. Her shrouded eyebrows lifted up, and Lora tried again with her left hand. She pulled at her index finger, expecting the glove itself to move with her own hand intact, but instead she felt as if her entire finger was being stretched, which it was.

Smiling at this prospect, Lora elongated both her legs, and made the trip towards that stone wall half as long, compared to when at normal height.
When Lora was close to the wall's top, she noticed that a whole city of stone buildings was behind it, so she returned to normal height so as to not attract too much attention...yet.

Lora looked around for a moment, and spotted an open wooden gate. Through it, she could hear the faint sounds of screaming people, prompting her to think, "When people are in distress, the hero arrives on the scene. Hmm, I do need a nickname for myself if I want to be a superhero."

She quickly darted into the city and clung to one side of a building. Lora was surprised to notice that in her haste of hiding, she had flattened her entire body paper-thin against the wall. Trying hard to return to normal width, she then turned around and had a new idea for her abilities: By partially melting her palms of her hands and the soles of her "feet", Lora could climb the wall like Spider-Man and get a better view of the city, inconspicuously.

At the top, she was alarmed to notice that these buildings all jutted out together at different angles – some had their bases stuck directly to other buildings, being made completely sideways, and some of the glass-coated elevator tubes that she saw around them carried people upside down! Looking back towards the wall's edge, she noticed a large sign at the top that said "Escher City South Exit". That made at least some sense.

Then Lora heard another scream, and spotted something very visible this time: From the AstroTurf-coated roof of a sideways building, she could see a young male teenager being cornered near some safety railing, standing before something resembling a huge, shiny purple "Naga", a man-serpent hybrid. The task of getting there seemed very difficult to Lora, even for having new elastic powers: The building was in a different field of gravity compared to hers, leaving her uncertain as to how to reach it in a single bound (or two).

With one jump, she missed the rooftop by a long way, but was able to stick her body to the building's side. Things felt different for Lora, as she had just improbably changed her field of gravity with one jump. Climbing in a new field of gravity, Lora made it to the top to confront that snake. She shouted, "End of the line for you, snake-thing!"

"Oh, but it's just beginning, lady in red!"

He dropped the young boy that was previously about to be "eaten", slithered towards the safety rails facing north, and yelled, "Catch me if you can!"

Lora watched in surprise as the hybrid was using his serpentine tail like a coil spring, to "bounce" from one rooftop to the next. She looked back at the boy, and asked him, "You okay?"

But the teen was too full of shock to comprehend being saved by Lora. Instead he dashed to an open ladder pipe, and climbed down it instantly. Then Lora noticed what was still visible of that Naga stopping at the foot of a large hill some distance from the city, with a cave in it. Knowing where he was now, this gave the blond-haired, now elastic woman time to practice her abilities more thoroughly.

Looking down at her legs, she again smelled the scent of bubble gum, though this time it seemed stronger, like her legs were really made of that substance. Thinking of that, Lora tried "melting" more of her lower body than just the bottoms of her feet, and found that her legs could be reduced to a pink and red glob of goo if she wished. She also rubbed her hair for a second, having not touched it for a while. The odd thing was that it appeared smooth and shiny like her costume. It even stretched as well.

The truth flowed in rather quickly: Lora was now a complete being of rubber. The questioned remained: Would it still be possible to turn back to human form now?

But that had to wait for the time being. She still had to find that "Iris II". With one strong leap, the blond-haired "heroine" bounded from the empty rooftop, one after another until she made it out of the city again. Lora still felt disoriented after shifting through multiple fields of gravity several times. The jump over the wall was remarkably easy: By channeling breathed-in air into her legs, she created a sort of airbag to cushion the fall.

A smile passed Lora's face, for she knew so many things that could be done with these new abilities back on earth. All the pranks she could pull on her mean next-door neighbors, creating balloons from scratch at the candy store for her young customers, and perhaps even showing off in town as an elastic acrobat.

She held a finger to her chin, and thought, "How am I going to get all the way to that mountain cave in a short amount of time?" The long leg extensions wouldn't work in this case due to the distance, and inflating herself to a balloon form wouldn't work either because then she'd have no way to propel herself forward, not even in the wind.  


Then, out of the corner of Lora's eye, she saw something colored magenta flying towards her. As it drew closer, what Lora saw was very unusual: A young pink dragon, appearing to be made entirely of bubble gum.

She asked who it was, and this creature (apparently female, somehow) explained that she was spawned from a type of magical pink gumball, which was blown into a bubble by a young native of this planet. She broke away and learned how to hone special abilities she found out were already a part of her, even from inside the gumball.

Then Lora asked, "What are you doing here, then?"

"I saw that awful purple beast rampaging this town, and saw you chase him off. I just came by here because I thought you'd like some help."

Lora asked for the creature's name, but she claimed to have not given herself one. The former suggested that she would make up one for her, to which the dragon happily obliged.

Now, in return for that favor, this creature jumped onto Lora's shoulders, merged her hands and feet into a harness-like shape, her body "melted" along the length of Lora's back, covering her from the neck down. Ms. Jett realized that this creature was creating a hang-glider shape from living bubble gum, about as surreal as slot machines being used for text messages. But nonetheless, she found that idea useful for faster transport across this wide open landscape. Lora glanced up, and found what seemed to be a huge, pink rubbery hang-glider shaped like a dragon with massively oversized wings, the limbs creating a harness and coating her in a body bag like a real glider, and the head smiling down at Lora while still catching the Northeast wind.


Both landed, and the pink creature returned to its normal form, about half as tall as the human, who told the former, "Stay here, I have to face that snake-thing alone, all right?"

"Very well, but may I at least be able to watch?" the young dragon now seemed to whimper in a very childish way.

"Of course, I just don't want to risk putting you in harm's way. You helped me, so I want to help you in return later."

"No trouble at all, I'll just...*chuckle* 'stick myself' to the top of the cave entrance and watch from there. Neither he nor you will even know I'm here."

With an improvised handshake, Lora marched in while the other creature did as she said and stuck her body to the ceiling of the entrance tunnel like a real wad of chewed gum. Ms. Jett could see the purple Naga on the other end of the massive cave, hissing and smiling at her. As it drew closer, the rubbery blond woman was frightened by what she saw next: The hybrid had a translucent lavender chest, and inside she could see what appeared to be a middle-aged humanoid with hair like an actual rainbow. Was this Iris II who wrote that note? Did she get eaten just after?

The purple creature tilted its humanoid head, shrouded beneath the headless hood of a blue and black shiny cobra, and smiled sinisterly, "So, you must be the one whom that foolishly colorful lady sent to destroy me, is that true?"

"Yes, and I have some powers of my own, almost like yours."

"Ah, ALMOST, but not ALL of them. You may have great elasticity and high resistance to impact, Loraine Jett, but I have the power of 3 snakes, their great poisons, and everything that goes with them. Ah, this venomous blood, it feels so good."

Lora almost dismissed that comeback as a monologue, and interrupted, "Enough talk! I want to speak to that lady sooner or later, and I'm not letting you get in the way of that! Hit me with your best shot, acid-head!"

"With pleasssssure," He hissed in a very snake-like tone.


The Naga's first move was to whip his tail out in Lora's direction, and he did so in 5 seconds, trapping Lora's hot pink-colored legs in shiny purple coils. The wrapping continued, past the point where these coils were the size of inner tubes and growing still. But then, Ms. Jett had an idea: The mere constricting of a snake was practically useless against a fully malleable being. So she willed her whole lower body to melt into reddish-pink goo, making the monster cry out, "What magic is this?! Nothing can break prey from a snake's coils!"

"I believe I just...DID!!" Lora growled loudly. Now she twirled her left fist like a baseball pitcher, building up stored energy like a spring until the last swirl snapped out her left arm, stretching all the way out towards her opponent's face. The clenched fist which was carried on that sudden release of energy delivered a diamond-hard punch to the Naga's dark purple head, making it rear back in pain, much like a boxer punching his opponent with his glove.

After he recovered from the sudden blow, that monster now shouted, "2 heads are better than 1, my lady, but 3 heads are better than 2!" It didn't take long for Lora to realize what he meant: In place of hands, the purple beast sported two living, breathing, yellow-eyed snake heads, complete with extendible bodies – or arms to the humanoid head's perspective - much like Lora's.

The right one darted out straight for the heroine's chest, and tried to bite into it. She could not avoid this, as her right arm was occupied with subduing the other one, and the left arm still had to snap back – she didn't have total control over her elasticity as of now.

But, Lora felt a hint of clever irony: She had just evaded the coiling move of a real snake from this creature only minutes ago, and was doing the same thing with her right arm around the head of a snake now! Even pulling its head backwards with her elongated fingers!

What was odd though, was that Lora didn't feel the sensation of burning pain she read that would be the reaction of a real snakebite. But that was washed out again by obviousness: The rubber of her new body was protecting her from that! She was practically invulnerable!

She used that glaring fact and shouted, "Face it, monster, you can't beat me! I have more versatile abilities in one arm, than the biggest Earth cobra has in a dozen shed skins and its body put together! I'm better than you in every way, me, Lora Jett!"


Now she felt practically stupid. She didn't need to go to the trouble of making such a big speech like that. But that didn't matter to Lora as long as her enemy got the message.

"All right, I surrender! You can have that useless lady of yours! Now leave me ALONE!!" The creature screamed.

His chest appeared to split down the middle and release the rainbow-haired woman, after which that purple Naga ran off and burrowed a hole in one side of the cave wall by "eating" the wall with its two snake-headed hands.

The woman appeared to have lost consciousness for some time, but she came around quickly, and looked at Lora face to face for the first time.

"You...I know who you are. Are you the one who came to save me from that monster?" She weakly asked.

"Yes, my name is Lora Jett, and I have a question for you too: How did you make this costume for me?" The blondie replied.

"I cannot say, it is a great secret and I would die if I told you. No joke."

"Okay, no problem. By the way, did you make that...'bubblegum dragon' I found outside, too...Um, Iris?"

"Um, not entirely. That was a failed experiment from my granddaughter scientist. Although, I would like to see her reaction to what it is now!" Iris laughed as she stood up.

"I see."

"Did you want to ask me anything else?" It seemed this woman could already tell what Lora was thinking.

"Yes, in fact. Two questions: 1) Is there any way I can turn back to normal, and 2) If I've become an elastic super-heroine, what would be the best kind of name for someone like me?"

"Hmm, I'm sorry, but I have not yet worked out how to change you back. The costume's creation was rushed, you see. But I'm sure your new shape-shifting abilities can help you get around that. And the other question..." She paused, thinking, "Lora Jett, what an interesting human name...Lorastic? No, Lorrubber? No, that's not right either. Maybe if I sensed who she really was..."

A soft glow surrounded Lora for a few moments, as Iris was scanning her mind for qualities that would come up to fit the answer to this hard question.

This woman had the occupation of a candy store cashier, and had quite a sweet tooth for what she sold, especially bubble gum, not to mention how fast she learned to use her powers. That's when the perfect name came up: "Lovergum". It fit her passion for candy, her quick adaption to gum-like elasticity, and that the costume she wore would no doubt seduce male villains before she took them down. There was a weakness in that last part, though: The heart on her costume was purple, as was the Naga she just defeated. But Lora's new-found shape-shifting powers would probably take care of at least some of that.


With that, Lora shook hands with Iris, and left, realizing that the teleporter device had been stuck to her costume this whole time, kept under a layer of rubber for protection. The small pink dragon flew back out and "perched" on Lora's shoulder.

The blond turned back to Iris who was following behind, and asked, "What do you think this one should be called?"

"Let me think...How about 'Marlith'? Not too hard, gives a smooth definition, and short and sweet?" Iris again thought up.

"Sounds excellent. I guess that makes me and this dragon a heroic duo, yes?" Lora turned to the creature on her shoulder, which nodded in agreement.

"Well, I'm going home now. Hope to see you sometime, ma'am," Ms. Jett continued as she reached for the device.

"Farewell, Madam Jett.  I hope you can meet my family sometime when me do cross paths again," The rainbow-haired lady smiled.

The blondie pushed the teleporter's button, and ended right back in her apartment living room, still in one piece, but this time with the dragon next to her. Lora asked why they weren't merged together like in the movies, prompting 'Marlith' to explain that she jumped just when Lora pushed the button, avoiding that scenario.

One thing remained for the heroine to do, and she knew just how to do it. Her morphing powers changed her entire body from the neck down from being coated in a smooth and shiny red catsuit, to wearing vinyl-looking maroon pants and a reflective blue nylon shirt. She hoped that no one would notice the glint her skin and hair gave off, but pushed those under the next morning.

As she neared her car, Lora thought, "I wonder what Mr. Hearst will think of when I bring this up during lunch? I hear his son's really into Plastic Man comics."
This is the main story I've written about my new character "Lovergum", also known as "Lora Jett". She was the one fighting the purple Naga (whom I've yet to name) in another deviation I submitted previously.

I don't yet have a bio for her, but I'll get it in soon.
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