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F.I.N.D.R. Database
High-Security Archives
>>/: Level 9 Security class files
Authorized viewer: Lora Jett
Accessed file: "Encrypted details on Jett family".
NOTE: Partial further decryption and direct update on files added March 5th, 2020. Erroneous historical data overwritten.
Begin File readout:

File 1: The Jett Family: "Lorraine Jett was the second child of Howard and Sarah Jett, some of this facility's most important members. Her parents signed up for this lab during its first stages of productivity in November, 1974, having married a year later. Sarah became pregnant on January 6th, 1986. She gave birth to Alan on September 2nd, with a notable diagnosis of premature birth, though nothing too serious. Unfortunately, Howard and Sarah could not raise him and run a highly advanced laboratory at the same time, much to their regret. Thus, he was left in the care of his grandfather, Clarence until reaching the age of 17, at which point he was brought back to the lab to work with them, in a familiar tradition to Howard. Alan was tested in an experiment in his parents' research by becoming a hero to study: Using an untested DNA-altering compound, he gained conscious control over the amount of growth hormones in his body (very low amounts result in shrinkage to the size of an ant, while beyond-average amounts prompt up to the height of a skyscraper). Lora was born two years later (1988), and also was sent to grow up within Clarence's care. However, Lora's parents did not take her into the lab, for they were unable to contact her. (See below)"

File 2: Clarence Xavier Jett: "Clarence Jett was born on August 21st, 1937, raised among a family of farmers during the Great Depression. His mother was killed in a car accident in 1942, leaving Clarence to grow up under the overbearing rule of his authoritarian father. The crushing stress of being watched by him 75% of every day caused Clarence to become a hardened, bitter, and some would say insane man. However, this subsided by some degree when he managed to grow up, leave home, and have children. He married Elena Wentworth on March 13th, 1957, and Howard was born a year later. With a degree in Theoretical physics, Clarence taught his son well in the fields of science, outside of regular school hours, which prompted Howard to sign up for the F.I.N.D.R. program when he came of age. In particular, he wanted to get down to the core of how superheroes got their powers. As a child, he loved comic books and thought one day the means to become a superhero would grow to be reality. Now, Howard wanted to challenge science against comics, as far-fetched as it sounded to his parents. When Howard left them, however, Clarence's confidence in his son's dreams was swiftly diminished when both he and his son witnessed Elena murdered by an unnamed super-villain using an energy beam fired from his hand. While Howard was simply mentally scarred and wary of villains, Clarence slowly picked up a grudge against ALL super-powered humans, thus tried to divert Lora and Alan away from research into metahumans and towards other forms of theoretical no avail. Lora Jett was left in her grandfather's care for a longer period of time than her brother's, because he kept all communications to her parents hidden during that time. Finally in 2019, after a growing period of paranoia and anger at the physical and mental attacks on his life, he secretly stole F.I.N.D.R. Labs' research sub as a suicide mission and fooled into thinking his parents were murdered - in an elaborate ploy to continue their research without villain interference. A faction of villains joined him in a combined plan to take down Lora and Alan Jett, seeing as they were superheroes now, too. Alan tried to take Clarence down, but he was captured in the process, though not before contacting his sister to follow him. They managed to defeat Clarence and the allied villains, placing their own grandfather in jail. He died in prison at the age of 82 and was buried in the cemetery of St. Quentin's Baptist Church."

File 3: Lorraine Jett: "Over the years, Clarence Jett weakened his diligent watch over his granddaughter out of compassion and trust that she would never know anything about metahumans. Likewise, Lora tolerated Clarence's overbearing watch in return. He cared for her and money was provided through his career as a successful in-home insurance agent. Lora completed high school in 1997 and college in 2004 with associates in Arts.  With such high marks, Clarence was so proud, that he forgave her for being so overbearing. Two years later, Lora found a decent job at a small shop called "Candy Castle", located in the recently founded city of Centropolis, California; her grandfather had all but forgotten his grudge on metahumans and was about to spill his secret in the following year. However, fate played a cruel hand once more when they came home one day, and an unidentified person had broken in, ransacked the house in search of something, and left a typed message on the back of an index card: "We Know Who You Are. You Cannot Hide Your Past Forever." Just like that, Clarence's rage came flooding back, and he forced Lora to take whatever funds she had and find her own home in the city. Never again could her grandfather act as a true parent if his days were numbered.
 Fortunately, It so happened that the Centropolis Heights apartments were leasing at rates of $500 a month, just enough for Lora to afford. She acquired a cheap two-story apartment in 2007 and continued to work as a cashier, Lora unknowingly regained her traditional interest in superheroes by becoming one herself. She originally used the rather ungainly title "Lovergum" as a seductive elastic woman, and fought crime quite efficiently for two years more – quite a few male villains were easily seduced by her costume and powers. After that, Lora went on a 5-year hiatus to see how crime would go without her, and due to inexperience in crime-fighting in general, requiring extensive research. (And in which time she succeeded in achieving an online Bachelor's degree) Then she returned with a new costume and a new title: "Trinity". Without Howard watching, Alan Jett had been tracking his sister from afar in the labs, hoping that one day they could be together again without all this wasteful research. When their parents left and their grandfather was sighted at the lab in 2019, he hid a coded message in Lora's new costume for her to follow while he chased down Grandfather Clarence. Thankfully, Lora had been biometrically registered into the lab system since birth, allowing access to the facility's top secret locales to find her brother. Some scientists have suggested studying how Lora's own powers work, but being a member of this lab's founders; that would be too risky. We see a bright future for Ms. Jett in her career as a superheroine, as well as her brother's."

File 4: Our Motives: "F.I.N.D.R. Laboratories, originally designed to explore unknown branches of science, has recently been geared exclusively towards the study of super-heroes and –heroines. Howard Jett had engineered this motive in the '70's and a team of researchers has been attempting to come up with ways of how to go about it. The principle of cryonic preservation was never tested, and subsequently dropped after several tests left subjects dead. A new preservation system in the form of synthetic womb liquid contained in pods with intravenous injection lines and breather masks turned to be the optimal route. Conditions were now optimal for Howard's work to truly begin. In 1986, in our first trial run of testing candidates, we collected 30 heroes and villains, all within the age range of young, healthy adults, and placed each of them in their respective pods. This way, whenever a subject was needed for testing, they could safely be removed and put back within a matter of minutes, all while the subject was unconscious and docile.
 Howard and Sarah disappeared. It was later reported that Clarence Jett had stolen the facility's old research submarine and drowned them. Things took an even greater turn for the worse, when Lora Jett's primary adversary, 'Mita' (MY-tah) released the 15 stored villains for her purposes, prompting Lora and Dr. Kenneth to in turn release the heroes to help their side. Fortunately, though, Dr. Kenneth passed along some handwritten notes to the genetics team, and discovered some interesting finds, though we cannot yet be certain if this is the result we aimed for all these years. The notes detailed that certain amino acids in the DNA of all 30 subjects were altered subtly in ways that defied all natural laws. In essence, through the events detailed in each of the subjects, their DNA was changed to forms completely alien to the human body; (ie: to rock, plant, crustacean, etc.) and the effects of these changes created superhuman abilities in them. Under microscopic examination, these mutations always seem to manifest as a series of base pairs, "Y, D, B, and O", interacting with the known base pairs A, T, G, and C to create powers. We do not yet know the reason for how these gifts came to be, but what is clear is that nothing harmful to the human body was involved. This presents a great milestone in realizing one of mankind's dreams, though not something we would want to show to the public. Such an event would change the face of the Earth as we know it. Sadly, with Howard in jail and all scientific materials seized by Sarah, this dream cannot be realized due to superpowers having proved unstable if not properly honed in the field. The risks far outweigh the benefits, and thus, F.I.N.D.R. will close for good."
This deviation will shed some light on some plot holes that may have been confusing fans of Lora Jett. Now you will know a little more about what her past was like and what that mysterious lab in the mountains was for.
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